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Route Description

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A short but hilly walk, with great views to the west to the Yorkshire dales, and south across the vale of York


Grassy paths, with steep sections

Hazards and warnings

The ridge is overgrown, and shorts are not a good idea in summer, as there are lots of stinging nettles

Detailed description

Follow the path by the small pond, before turning right and heading steeply uphill through the woods. Climb up until you reach a clearing, and then turn left towards the ridge. Follow the well worn path up the ridge, and you'll see some great views south; on a clear day you can see the massive powerstations at Eggborough and Drax, and even York Minster. Follow the path along the airy ridge, which is quite sharp to the right.

After crossing a few narrow gaps in the ridge, you are at the summit, which is covered in trees, and you can only really see views to the east and the escarpment of Sutton Bank. Descent steeply into the woods on the obvious path, until you come to a junction with a path on the left. Carry on right along the base of the hill, until you come to a strong gravel track. Follow this uphill and then downhill, before the path splits. Take the right hand fork by the funny gate, and then follow the track along the edge of the woods.

Take the footpath on the right which climbs over a deer fence, before crossing a funny bridge over the deer fence, and then at the fork, turn right and head across the grassy, boggy area. You may get wet feet here. After the boggy bit, go across a field, and turn right at the gate, and follow the path along the valley (again this can be muddy!), and up a slight hill before arriving at the road. Turn right and follow the path to the car park.


A short but fairly intensive sunday walk

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