Staithes to Saltburn on Cleveland Way (walking) Route Details

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A fine walk along the Cleveland Way taking in some very spectacular coast, with the industrial history of Cleveland visible in the background.


Clifftop paths. Some sections are pretty exposed, and not suitable for those without a head for heights.

Detailed description

Follow the obvious coastal path east from Staithes. The cliffs at the top of the hill are huge, infact the highest on the English east coast, and the path runs close to the edge, so some care needs to be taken. After passing lots of old mine workings you start to descend to Skinningrove. The old shacks on the beach, small fishing boats make great photographic subjects. The village is an old mining village, and lacks the obvious visual charm of some of the other coastal villages, but has a shop, a pub and a fish and chip shop.

After walking along a track by the beach to an old jetty, pass under a ramp, before reaching Cattersty Sands. Either walk along the beach, or follow the path through the dunes. Climb the steps to the cliff top and carry on towards Saltburn. You'll see a weird old mine building, some iron sculptures, and finally the path narrows to a tiny strip between the railway and the cliff edge. After a few hundred yards the path leaves the railway and follows the cliffs. As you come around the corner, you see a huge view unfold: from the edge of the Cleveland Hills, and the distinctive pimple of Roseberry Topping, to the nearer coastal views of Saltburn beach and pier, with the industrial skyline of Middlesborough lurking behind.


A warm and sunny weekend in the tail end of August, and a chance to walk along the Cleveland Way between Staithes and Saltburn. Despite the area's obvious industrial past and present, the walk along the cliffs is mostly along unspoiled countryside.

Staithes is a traditional fishing village, turned tourist spot. The village is every bit as pretty as Robin Hoods Bay, yet not nearly as tourist laden. In summer time there's a nice beach, by the harbour, and in winter, the pretty village's back streets can makea nice walk.

Skinninggrove along the way is a small ex mining village, which on the surface looks rundown, but is interesting to walk and around and friendly.

Saltburn is a traditional north east seaside resort, with a pleasant beach, and a recently renovated pier and funicular railway between the pier and the town.

One strange observations I noticed lately, has been thoughout my walks in the North of England, at some point I could either see the industrial plant of Middlesborough, or the powerstations at Eggborough and Drax. This walk was no exception, as you can see the flares and smoke of the chemical plants from the moment you crest the hill at Boulby.

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