Fylingdales and Dalby Forest (Mountain biking) Route Details

Route Description

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Easy offroad riding over the moors. Mainly on forest tracks which are all weather, bar a short boggy section over the moors near Lilla Cross , and a horrid mud bath from Thompson's Stepping stones.


Muddy at times.

Hazards and warnings

River crossing at Thomsons Steps

Detailed description

Cut offs and side trips:

  • Avoid the boggy bit around Lilla Cross by following the gravel track which runs parallel to the west (which is not marked on the map, nor is the rather obvious military base at Fylingdales!)
  • In Dalby Forest follow the marked cycle route down into the valley with Woof Howe Grain.
  • The Moorcock Inn in Langdale is worth a visit, and serves food
  • The ford at Thomson's Stepping Stones can be crossed in low water by use of the epoymous stepping stones, but in winter you may have to wade. If the river is too fast detour this bit by road. If conditions are soft you may wish to detour around this by road as the track is very muddy and unridable.
    Instead of climbing back over the hills to Wykeham forest stay on the road down through Forge Valley to save time.
  • The last road section down to West Ayton can be done on a parallel track, but it can be very overgrown and muddy.

Route Map

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