Simmer Dim Rally - Exploring Shetland (motorcycling) Route Details

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As the hangovers faded to an dull roar, we set off to explore.


Fair, bit windy but dry (probably a glorious summer's day for the Shetlands)

Hazards and warnings

Otters (apparently), crazy Coast Guard helicopters.


As soon as we were capable, we set off to explore the island as best we could. You'd be surprised how many people travel 500+ miles to a bike rally on a remote island and then spend the entire day in the beer tent. Being more adventurous than that, we decided to go off exploring. On the way, we rode round taking in the scenery, went for a boat trip to Whalsay Island, found another dead end (and no cafes or eating esablishments).

Wonderful place, friendly people - so friendly in fact that when we stopped off at a chippy, the staff came out to wave us off after. Bless em, they don't see many bikers up here I suppose. "Are you local....?"

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