Buttercrambe - Huttons Ambo (Mountain Biking) Route Details

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A long and hily route on some farm tracks, quiet roads, and some good but short bits of singletrack.


Muddy in winter, but all perfectly ridable


We did this route in the depths of winter, when daylight was short and conditions muddy.

The first part was on farm tracks and minor roads. It became dark enough to need the lights we were carrying around about by Huttons Ambo.

Just north of Welburn we decided to accidently miss the orginally planned bridleway to Welburn and instead took off along a footpath through the woods. If you were doing the route and wished to keep it all strictly legit, you should take the bridleway to Welburn and pickup the track to Whitwell on the Hill, before crossing the A64 and heading to Crambe. Instead, we zoomed off into the woods in the pitch dark. As always in the dark a muddy and slipperly descent was scary, but great fun.

Having crossed the A 64 we followed the footpath alongside the river to near Kirkham. Again, this was a special bridleway, but in the rain and the dark there was nobody there to notice our transgression. The up and downy path through the woods was great, although all of us fell off at some point (of course we didn't really ride our bikes if anybody asks right?), especially the evil descent to the slippery footbridge, that is shown in the pictures.

After the steep climb back towards Crambe on the road, we arrived at Crambe, and followed the easy but muddy farm track which after a fast descent (no crashes this time), took us to the railway crossing by Barton le Willows. We then followed some very small roads, some of which were so small they had grass growing down the middle, back to Buttercrambe and the cars.

A great ride, regardless of if you stray from the proper route!

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