Spey paddle day 3 (Kayaking) Route Details

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You may find them fly fishing at the start of the day good area so they say



Hazards and warnings

apart from the fishing and the whiskey distillery.

Detailed description

I would have to say that this could be the nicest part of the river plenty of rapids to make to journey move with some speed but also the people Fly fishing even the beginners making the line move over there heads and landing on the water with such grace, it great to watch. we did not get the opportunity to try maybe one day.

The falls of Knockando are great they just seem to keep coming but you have to be aware that others like rafters are in the area as this is a good point for them to use with all the falls in a short area.

As you pass the distillery you maybe able to hear it but no real smell but you can see an odd building from the river, but the sign of the fishing lodges down the river lost count again just so many.


The great thing about this river and the area is that we found very few pockets of midges  which meant that we did not need to be covered up all the time far more freedom.

Every corner and most sections of flowing water there was at least 2 or more fly fishing we were trying to second guess them to which side they wanted us as they could not see us until we were on top of them most time we got it right and the times when we did not it was some what silly. as we wanted the good water to make less noise and they wanted us on the rocks for some reason don't ask why.

I found that some of the rapids needed more time to read than others even the low water meant that sometimes I got it wrong even having to get out and walk over the stones and rocks.

There are some real good play waves to play in if you find one empty ie no fishing make the most of it because the next will be taking.

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