Spey paddle day 1 (Kayaking) Route Details

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Start on the beach and heading for the mouth of the river and follow the river.


depends on the weather at the time, the river is not straight to the sea so when he wind blows it may push or not.

Hazards and warnings

open loch, this river is graded to level of grade 1 and 2 this means that all thou some of the sections are flat and could be some what boring, when they arrive it could be over.

Detailed description

The Start is great a car park and you maybe able to transport your cars to the other end and leave your boats, we did this and it meant the van was at the other end to collect the boats at the end of the trip.  A short paddle to the river across the loch is a good start, to get the boat in to some sort of trim.

Although we were away from the main world for 4 days we had all the fit and food plus the dog food for about a week, as it ended up far to much stuff, who could let.

From the lake the paddle in to the river is some what difficult as the loch has a couple of banks to stop the water, so the start of the river it somewhat of a push, but as this river is good it should not be a sign of things to come, we did not find this at all, under the first road bridge and there are many of them.


We started our trip on the Monday, travelled over from Fort William with misty the dog and a good friend Richard and my self Paul.

Although we set off at 10am by the time we got back to the start and on to the river it was around 3pm it took some time to drive to the sea nearly 2 hours so be prepared.

On the water it is a strange experience it took 2 hours to get there and a distance of over 70 miles only a few days, so our plans were to paddle a little way about 15 to 20 kilo meters and put up camp.

From experience the good plans are not to worry about where to camp but to camp when you need to, one great advantage. This may not always be the best approach but so far it has worked for us.

The paddle with a dog may not be the best idea at first as with misty all she wanted to do was swim or even chase birds not for long. Misty is a great company and many times would not leave my side, unless it could fly  "one day".

By the time we found the first of many pubs we felt that we had done quite well even the Idea of every time we went under a bridge we would have a drink, well we are not driving so.

We made camp as Rich was not feeling to good after all the driving and the dog, pretty good place to camp on the waters edge away from the farm house, by the time we got to bed it was nearly about 10 pm and a few drinks. more tomorrow.

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