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Route Description

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A nice clifftop run to to Cayton bay.


Grassy tracks, and some roads

Hazards and warnings

The cliff side path on lebberston cliffs is close to a huge drop

Detailed description

Follow the well surfaced path from below the car park. You pass a golf course on the right, and some fairly big cliffs on the left. After descending a ravine, and climbing back up again, the cliffs are wooded. At the t junction by the caravan site turn right and head down into the woods. Stay on the left hand path at the fork in the woods, and try and maintain your height. After coming out of the woods, and going along the top of some cliff you'll climb steeply to the top of the main cliff, before decending past the (next) caravan site. Carry on past the car park at Cayton Bay surf shop, and head up the cliffs, before turning right and inland, to reach a farm track, and then the road by the petrol station.

You could at this point get the bus back to Scarborough from the Lebberston roundabout, or run back over the hilll to Cayton to make it a loop. (this adds a further 2 miles).


A short run back from Scarborough on a cold grey winters day, when most sensible people were at home by a warm fire.

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