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Moor to Sea loop From Low Dalby -> Langdale End -> Hawkser -> Ravenscar -> Scarborough -> Highwood Brow -> Low Dalby


Mostly Bridleways / Cycleroutes with a little fireroad and tarmac

Hazards and warnings

Some steep and long climbs, some very steep decents on road

Detailed description

Route inspired from from which the following plan is taken and modified

From Low Dalby follow the forest drive northwards / from the campsite journey south back to the carpark.  At the Sneverdale car park turn R and through a wooden barrier onto a forest track. At a cross roads, turn sharp R and continue up Housedale Rigg. Turn R at t-junction and almost immediately L to joint a tarmac road. At the top of the hill follow the track round to the R. Ignore the turning to Flaxdale on R and follow the track round to the L. Continue eventually passing through a green iron gate flanked by two stone walls and proceed in the same direction but along a tarmacked road which joins from the L.

Pass by Jingleby Thorn Tea Rooms and then down a 1 in 6 hill and past the toll point. At phone box follow road round to the R and all the way to Langdale End.

Leave the village to the west (back on yourself) and take the first fork R signed Birch Hall. Ignore the next turning signed Birch Hall, continue upwards towards and into the forest, watching out for 4 wheel drive vehicles. Follow the route through the forest, and fork L through a gate. Keep going along the forest road for about 2.5 miles ignoring all turnings until you emerge into the open again through a gate at which point turn R to head across the moors.

At a fingerpost towards Lilla Cross to the R continue straight ahead. Beside a trig point go straight over a crossroads of tracks and through a gate heading towards and into Newton House Plantation. Follow the forest road around the L and ignore all turnings until you emerge from the forest via a gate. Continue downhill on a stony track for about 200m all the way to the May Beck picnic site.

Cross over the river at which point the road becomes tarmacked and uphill. At the top of the hill, pass the Low Moor campsite then R at crossroads. After 0.5 mile turn L along Raikes Lane towards Sneatonthorpe. Just before entering the village turn R and past Catwick House Farm. Follow the road round to the L and turn R. Fork L to go down over a ford and into Hawsker. At the main road, keep L and turn L through a gate to join the dismantled railway to the Trailways Cycle Hire Centre.

Leave southwards from the cycle hire centre at Hawsker along the rail trail and through a gate to cross the busy A171 via a pelican crossing and continue along the trail. There is only one more minor road to cross.

Just as you enter Robin Hoods Bay turn L off the route of the old railway line and follow the track round to the R to join Mount Pleasant North. At the end continue straight across the main road to re join rail trail through car park. At junction with road and beside St Bedes Roman Catholic Church turn R, then, after about 50 yards, turn L onto the trail and pass the Middlewood Farm Holiday Park. Soon afterwards cross over another road.

Just after the Stationmasters House at Fyling Hall and having passed between a pair of large stone gate posts turn L downhill and then immediately R to rejoin the trail which continues all the way to Ravenscar.
From the entrance to the Raven Hall Hotel turn down Station Road. At Foxcliffe Tea Rooms (Yummy Soup) turn R around Station Square then L down Loring Road onto the rail trail.

Pass the Hayburn Wyke Inn and, at the Station Tea Rooms in Cloughton, cross over the road and continue along the trail. In Burniston cross over the road and, after a few metres, turn R to re-join the trail. After another mile the trail emerges on Lancaster Way. At the end turn L down Field Close. Turn R on main road then immediately L to cross Scalby Beck.

Follow the trail past playing fields and a cemetery, and eventually along a narrow alley beside an all-weather sports pitch. Emerging at the Gladstone Road Play Area take the marked cycle path to the R and skirt round the Safeway car park and past its petrol station to reach the main road via West Parade Rd. At traffic lights turn L. The station is 200 yards along on the R.
Turn L out of the railway station and, after 200m at the traffic lights, turn R down West Parade Rd. Pass to the L of the Safeway petrol station and skirt to the L of the car park. At the back of the car park continue down a marked cycle path to the L of the playground, underneath a bridge and down an alley beside an all weather sports pitch. You are now on the rail trail cycle path.

Pass under two bridges and, just after the third, turn L up a path. Turn L where the path emerges onto Woodland Avenue and then immediately R onto Woodland Ravine. At junction with A171 turn R along a short length of cycle path past St Catherines Hospice and then R again down Scalby Road. At the end continue straight onwards through metal barriers to another junction with the A171. Cross straight over and down Lady Ediths Drive to pass Yorkshire Coast College of Further & Higher Education, Raincliffe School and Throxenby Mere.

Shortly after Raincliffe Farm at a small car park turn, L through a gate and up a steep bridleway into the woods. Follow it up round two bends after which another bridleway joins from the L. Continue straight on passing through Raincliffe Meadows.
After about another mile the bridleway emerges from the woods at a car park.

Join the road and turn L then immediately R passing the Hazel Head picnic site. Go over Mowthorpe Bridge and through Everley then L signed Wrench Green. Go over a bridge, R at the t-junction and L in front of The Old Chapel up a long steep hill (Nasty hard lungbusting climb) . At top of hill the road becomes a forest road.

At a junction with two turns to the L and one to the R take the R turn. At a fork in roads stay on the road that follows round to the L. to the Highwood Brow Viewpoint.
From the Highwood Brow viewpoint and car park head west along the level tarmac road and a little further passed signs to the Raptor Viewpoint. After a further mile leave the tarmac road by forking R down a forest road. Pass through a metal gate to a car park then turn L and immediately R down a track towards a gate. Pass through the gate and into a forest down a farm track. At a t-junction with a tarmac road turn R.

Continue straight passed the entrance to Givendale Head Farm on a forest track. Turn L shortly afterwards down a track and follow it round to the L. After another 100m turn R into the forest. Pass a turning into Flaxdale and follow road round to the L. Shortly afterwards turn R on to a forest track and then immediately L down Housedale Rigg. At a crossroads of tracks, turn L for Carpark or R for 500 meters then L for High Rigg Farm Campsite

Route Map

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