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A nice walk along the bottom of Forge Valley, followed by a bit of getting lost - see route markings for the right way!


Grassy tracks and forest paths

Hazards and warnings

Woods are overgrown if you lose the path


A nice walk of a hot day. What could go wrong? Well, taking a GPS but no map is a good start.

Following my mental picture of the route I planned, I went though the woods along the board walk before getting a bit diverted around a boggy bit. The lower path was very wet, so I cut up to the slightly higher and drier path.

Coming back through the woods, I followed the track along the woods edge, which doesn't seem to be a real right of way (todo - check access), before diving down into the woods to try and find a path I knew to exist in the woods. Eventually after several hundred yards of nettles I found the path and was soon back at the start.

Route Map

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