Troutsdale Dalby (mountain biking) Route Details

Route Description

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A short but fairly intense ride around the woods near Dalby and Wykeham.


Gravel forest tracks, some grassy lanes, and some muddy farm tracks. Not particularly easy going in winter in places.

Detailed description

Follow the Moors to Sea way waymark until you reach the edge of Dalby Forest. Go north along the track, before turning right on to a forest track. There are loads of different tracks, all of which are OK for mountain bikes. You don't have to follow the exact track I used, although beware of getting lost easily in the dense tree cover.

After passing through the forest of reasonably good tracks, take the grassy track (this can be quite boggy if it has been used by motorbikes) around the edge of the hill, before enjoying a steep and fast descent to the ford by Keepers Cottage. Climb the road, before going downhill to Troutsdale Mill. Just before the road bridge turn right onto the forest track which climbs before undulating through the forest. After a steep climb, take the righthand fork, and climb steeply to the start up a gravel surfaced tough climb.

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