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A pleasant seaside walk along high cliffs, past Port Mulgreave and to the very pretty and interesting village of Staithes


Easy cliff top paths

Hazards and warnings

High cliffs

Detailed description

Follow the well marked path along the cliffs, past the old jetties of Port Mulgrave, and into Staithes via an attactive hill leading to the sea front. Explore Staithes, before returning along a path from the top car park and around the various allotments.

Follow the inland path until you reach Port Mulgrave, turn inland on Rosedale Lane, before returning to Runswick via the pretty village of Hinderwell.


After a very unseasonably warm spring day, the stiff breeze coming off the north sea felt a little cold, even if the the ground was bone dry, and the sun was still warm out of the wind. We missed walking down to the ramshackel

shacks of Port Mulgrave, but we had a good explore of Staithes, along we didn't walk all of the tiny lanes which run parallel to the only road in the village. We then returned via an inland route to get out of the rather strong wind in the afternoon.

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