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A walk over wooded rolling countryside in the northern part of the Yorkshire Wolds, across a landscape littered with ancient monuments.


At times very muddy tracks, with one section along the B 1253.

Detailed description

Before visiting the walk. be sure to look at the aerial photos of the route to see the many scars of man's long association with the area. Many of the earth works are invisible on the ground, yet are clear from the air when the disturbance to the soil shows up in differences in crop growth.

Follow the track up toward Woldgate, and then walk east along the old roman road, enjoying views to the south along the Holderness coast. At the junction at Sands Wood, go left, and then pickup the permissive path along the edge of the wood.

At the track turn right and regain the road you left before. Carry on until you come to a turn on the right which takes you to Carnaby Tower. The tower is ruined, and sits of a mound. If you are intrepid enough, you can look around the lower floors, and get some amazing views to the south from the windows.

Go back down to the road. If the field has been ploughed you may prefer to go west and take the track down to Boynton, otherwise head across the field and down to Home Farm. After the farm carry on across the bridge over the Gypsey Race, a seasonal stream that runs along the valley, to the pretty village of Boynton, and the church. Take the footpath going west, and join the B 1253 back to Rudston.

Before reaching the village, turn left and head through fields to reach the edge of Rudston village. Carry on up to the church, and be sure to look at the strange juxtaposition of a ancient standing stone, and a more modern saxon church next to the stone. The stone has mystified and facinated people from victorian time to now, and it's really worth stopping and having a look around.

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