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A pleasant easy walk across beautiful countryside on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales, and easily accessed from the A1


Grassy tracks, some riverside sections may be boggy

Detailed description

Walk along the riverside track, which goes into the woods. Climb up towards some building and carry on along the obvious track. You'll get out of the woods and approach a Orgate farm. Pass the farm, and carry on above the wall, until the path splits and you take the lower path down steeply to a narrow stone bridge.

Cross the bridge and head up towards the farm. Turn right on the farm track and pass the farm, before turning left up the steep hill. Climb the hill, and admire the views aross the value of York to the North York Moors and beyond to Middlesborough, 30 miles away as the crow flies. Carry on along the edge of the escarpment, and then follow the gravel track downhill to the road. Turn right and carry on for a few hundred yard, until you see a footpath on the left. Take the foopath, and head across a boggy field until you reach a bridge over the beck by the old waterwheel. Cross the bridge and return to the start along the river. The footpath by the river can be boggy, but can be avoided by going further up the hill. At the road bridge turn right to return to the start.

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