Stoupe Brow to Robin Hoods Bay (walking) Route Details

Route Description

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A pleasant walk around the Robin Hoods Bay area


Paths, and some rocky beaches

Hazards and warnings

The beach is covered by water at high tide, and you'll need to use the cliff top path

Detailed description

Follow the road down to Stoup Brow farm, and if the tide is out, go to Robin Hoods Bay along the beach (otherwise use the clifftop path). Then in Robin Hoods Bay, follow the path by the chip shop up to Fylingthorpe. Go along the old railway line until you reach the road. Follow the road to the ford, and then up the otherside, where you met a road.

Turn right up the road, and head to the small hamlet, and then turn left and follow the bridleway down to a small stream. Climb the otherside, and head up to the farm. Cross the old railway line and head along the path above the railway line until you reach the road.

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