Black Corries to Ben Alder Cottage (walking) Route Details

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The second part of a multiday backpacking expedition across the central highlands


Very boggy pathless wilderness, with some slightly better tracks

Detailed description

Follow the track from Black Corries Lodge towards Rannoch. Go under the railway bridge by the small stream, and ford the larger river. Pickup the landrover track towards Lochal Strom Smeur, before making your way across boggy rough terrain to eventually pickup a track leading through the forestry (at the time of the walk the forested areas were slightly different), and across the bridge, before heading along above the forest along the shores of Loch Ericht to Ben Alder Cottage. At the time I followed the upper edge of the forest, but there is decent path through the woods by the loch now.


I did this walk in the winter of 1987. Several things were different then: I was younger, very, very fit and well able to cope well with difficult conditions. On the downside I was fairly poorly equiped- goretex bivvi rather than tent, no lightweight cooking kit and not particularly good clothes, and lacking in experience of winter conditions. Winters were much colder then. There was plenty of snow on the ground, and most standing water was frozen.

At the time of the walk, visibility was OK, but there were several snow showers during the previous night and during the day. Poor visibility and early darkness meant the section along Loch Ericht was done in the dark, with only a fairly pathetic head torch. I stumbled into partially frozen deep puddles many times, and was very glad to finally find the bothy at Ben Alder. Even better, some other people had already arrived, and got a fire going, which helped dry out some of my wet kit. If doing the same walk, leave enough time to get some wood and get a fire going before it gets dark. 

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