Swinnow, Tong & Bankhouse (Mountain Biking) Route Details

Route Description

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The route encompasses a number of local woods with plenty of climbs and descents. Most of the tracks are well used bridleways providing a selection of singletrack and wider. Much of the route as shown on the OS maps as footpath in now bridleway.


Only a few parts of this route are subject to boggyness in the wet. 90% of the route should remain in good condition whatever the weather.

Hazards and warnings

Raised drainage channels on Keeper Lane (descent from Tong) can be tricky - and watch out for the beck at the bottom! Punctures at Wild Grove Farm - I got 6 on this one stretch last summer...

Detailed description

This route is also good in reverse.  The climbs are less severe and the downhills are better...

Route Map

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