Islay port Ellen day 2.5 (holiday whiskey galore) Route Details

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Walk along the coast, North to Ardbeg with intention of visiting the three distilleries en route. Evening walk around the Bay at Port Ellen.


Local weather

Hazards and warnings

Cars along the roads that we had to walk along due to lack of footpaths. These were few and far between though.

Detailed description

After a pleasant ferry journey into Port Ellen we found basic but comfortable accommodation in rooms next to the local inn.  Leaving baggage behind we headed out on foot along the road to Ardbeg.  Weather conditions we not favourable!  We were given a most welcome lift from a local who took pity on us and dropped us off at the distillery at Ardbeg. 

Apologies were given on our arrival as the tour was not available due to problems with a boiler.  We were treated to a tasting of three of their very distinctive malts to try.  All were very warming!  The distillery had a visitor centre selling gifts and whiskey and there was a small tea room too, actually serving food!!

After drying out a little we then headed back to Port Ellen hoping that tours were available at the other distilleries of Laggavulin and Laphroaig  only to find they were both closed down for the season.  The walk back was scenic enough and was only three miles.

The evening was a warm and dry one so we headed out around the bay of Port Ellen and explored the village and included a walk along the sandy beach.  The small Indian Cafe supplied sustinance for the evening and a visit to the pub enabled us to try some more of the local specialities!


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