Islay Portnahaven day 3 (holiday whiskey galore) Route Details

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Bus ride round coast to Portnahaven then return journey calling in at Port Charlotte, staying two nights at Bowmore


dependent on weather

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Having paid our bill for room only the previous night we were free to depart and make out way round to the village bus stop.  The timetables we had picked up at the ferry terminal at Kennacraig were most useful to us and we were able to pick up the bus from Port Ellen to Bridgend where we waited for a connection to Portnahaven.  A post bus took us on a picturesque ride along the coast round to the furthest westernly point on the island - Portnahaven.  Here we got off at the little hamlet prior to the village and walked along the coast to the village.  Fair weather allowed us to enjoy the beauty of the coastline and the pretty village of Portnahaven.  We continued our walk around the headland and headed down onto the cobble beach.  From this point we could see seals, across the sound basking on the beach on the little island opposite.  an easier walk along the sea shore brought us to a sandy cove and then a walk along the country lanes took us back to Portnahaven.  Here we were able to wait in the local pub for the bus.  There was a lovely fire roaring and we have the opportunity to take our first taste of Islay Ales - very enjoyable.
The bus arrived and took us back to Port Charlotte.  The village would have had a museum and wildlife sanctuary to offer but these were closed in winter.  Instead we walked along the coast to the lighthouse and it was here we spotted an otter.  Another pub provided shelter and ale before we caught our bus again, onto Bowmore and our room for the night.  Food was provided in the pub opposite along with a game of pool!

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