Sinnington Woods Bike Ride (mountain biking) Route Details

Route Description

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Despite this being a short ride, there's plenty of hard riding to be had here. Some steep climbs and some techically tricky descents


Very muddy in places, and sometimes overgrown

Hazards and warnings

River crossings should be taken with care in high water

Detailed description

Start from Sinnington and climb thge BW up the hill. Carry on through the woods, the going can be muddy and churned up by horse traffic. You'll break out from the woods and cross fields, before picking up a track which leads to Cropton.

The pub in Cropton is worth a visit. Return the way you came until you reach a BW on the right, and head down the hill. The track is steep and rocky, and you may wish to walk, or go around via the road in Cropton. At the bottom turn left and pick up a track. If the river is high cross via the footbridge, otherwise carry on into the woods, before turning riught and back down towards the river. Cross via the ford, taking care if the water is deep. Go throught he farm and up the hill. Turn left into Appleton le Moors, and carry straight on down the long descent. Either turn right and go through the woods, or carry on down to the river and a deep ford. If you don't dow the ford, go through the woods., taking care of the big drop to the left, and then along the river back back to Sinnington.

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