Dalby Forest Old Red Route (mountain biking) Route Details

Route Description

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Although the new red route is far better, I have uploaded the track of the old red route for information. You would be advised to try the new route in preference to this.


Very boggy in the wet in places

Detailed description

The old red route is far less technical than the new route. It's somewhat shorter and a lot easier to ride. It does tend to be muddy. Also, there's far less traffic on the route, and it may start to become overgrown in summer, if the forestry commision don't mow it. As far as I know you are still allowed to ride the old route, and other bits of trail you can find. If you are new to Dalby, I'd recommend you try the new route first, as it's far better.

The markings for the old route are red roundels on wooden poles, not to be confused with the taller, more obvious new markers for the new trails.

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