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Decent walk, including the crash site of a WW2 Canadian Air Force Wellington bomber.


Cold but clear.

Hazards and warnings

Don't be tempted to look too closely at the shake holes!

Detailed description

The car park is allowed to be used by all and they even ask you book in and out with the reception before hiking for safety. We arrived early doors on a Sunday though so no book in was possible. The gates were only open to the car park on one side which barely allows a car to get in, but we weren't the only ones. Some regulars who lay poppy crosses at the cairn and plaque erected at the crash site on the SW slope of Carreg Goch informed us that the park is always open.

Visibility was excellent all day although once on Carreg Goch the wind really drives across showing how exposed you are. The crash site takes you off the well worn track and it's difficult to spot, even with the remaining wreckage.

Once you're back on the track though it's easy going until the fords, with some recent rain it proved very worthwhile to be using gaiters, I can imagine people turning away if the weather is too wet. It's all worth it though for the views over Llyn y Fan Fach and across to Fan Foel from Bannau Sir Gaer.  Bag some hills along the ridge following it down to Fan Hir overlooking the source of the River Tawe.

We descended passed the farmers fields and over a style and down to Afon Haffes. We then tip toed across the water to re join the start of our route.

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