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A nice walk suitable for those who don't like big stuff, or for a rainy day. There's a nice walk along the river, before climbing a very steep track to the views at the top of Castle Crag, followed by a nice wooded walk along the river back to the start.


Mostly well made gravel tracks

Detailed description

Starting from the village follow the road towards Castle Crag. At the campsite, carry on across the small beck, and up the path through the woods. At the saddle, turn left and follow the obvious but steep path to the top of the crag.

After pausing to admire the view, descend the path you just climbed. At the trees at the base of the rocky section, pickup the path which heads east and down to the river. Follow the riverside path through the woods, until you reach the campsite again, and then retrace your footsteps to Grange village.

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