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An easy riverside walk in the woods on the edge of the Moors. This walk is particularly nice in spring, when depending on the exact timing, you'll see dafodils, bluebells or wild garlic flowering.


Most of the route is on rough paths and tracks, and some parts can be very muddy in winter.

Detailed description

Cross the bridge and follow the bridleway along the opposite side of the stream past the cottages. Follow the path along the river, and then into the woods. The path climbs up and soon you'll be quite high above the river. After coming out of the woods, climb up across fields to reach the pretty village of Appleton-le-Moors. Pass through the village, untl you see a footpath on the right. Pass across some flattish fields, before dropping down into the woods. The path passes along a wooded hillside above the river.

At the tarmaced track turn right and towards the farm buildings. Just before the farm go left towards the bridge (at the time writting the bridge was under repair). Alternatively, pass through the farm and cross the ford, if you don't mind getting wet. Cross the river, and at the junction with the path, turn right towards Sinnington. Climb the hill, and turn right at the junction and follow the path along the bottom of the woods. There are several paths in the woods, and you can pick from either one which follows the brow of the hill, or the bottom of the valley. Follow which ever path you have choosen back to Sinnington.

The woods are full of flowers in spring. Depending on the season you'll first see snowdrops, and then dafodils, and later on bluebells and the white flowers of wild garlic.

Much of the route is a bridleway, and with a few modifications to avoid the footpath from Appleton-le-Moors (there's a bridleway nearby), the route would make a good short mountain bike ride. The described route uses a footpath through the woods, but there is a bridleway at the top of the woods which can be used instead.

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