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Route Description

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A fairly easy flattish walk in the beautiful upper Nidderdale valley.


Grassy paths, and moorland tracks.

Hazards and warnings

The river Nidd can flood, and some of the fords can be difficult in spate. If in doubt, avoid the section along bed of the Nidd.

Detailed description

Follow the path which follows near to the course of the Nidd. The map shows a footpath on the river bank nearly the entire way, but sometimes this can be hard to follow. You'll cross the river several times on bridges, and a short ford (which is usually dry). On the way you'll see plenty of evidence of the caves which fill this area, from the metal covers protecting some access holes to the caves, to places where the river runs dry disapears into the rocks. Do be careful with cave entrances!

After reaching a substaintial bridge over the Nidd, return back along a path which runs over access land, about the valley, on the edge of the moors to Middlesmoor with impressive views over the valley and down towards Patley bridge. You can cut the corner with a trip across the fields to the edge of Middlesmoor or stay on the track,. Stay a while in Middlesmoor to look at the tightly packed pretty houses, and the church with the most amazing views down the valley.

From Middlesmoor head down across fields to where you cross the How Stean Gorge tourist attraction, before reaching the road and returning to the start.

Route Map

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