York to Wolds Training Ride (road cycling) Route Details

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A hilly training ride from York into the north western corner of the Yorkshire Wolds featuring lots of hills, including some absolute killers.


Mostly minor country roads. Some very hilly sections.

Detailed description

A good training ride to get stuck into. The going out to Stamford Bridge, and beyond to Bishop Wilton is easy enough but the hill that joins Garrowby Bank about half way up is sure to tire even the most hardcore.

The run along the top to Leavening Brow is nice easy fast riding along the top of edge of the Wolds, before you descend sharply towards Leavening. Watch out for gravel on the corner. Once past Leavening, you have a few miles of gradual descent until you reach Howsham Bridge. After Howsham, head along small roads to Barton Hill, and along to Flaxton via small and pleasant roads. 

Return to York via Strensal. 

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