York Overton Haxby Clifton (cycling) Route Details

Route Description

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A short, flat ride taking in the countryside to the north of York.


Cyclepaths, and smaller roads, probably not suitable for less confident riders, as some of the roads are quite busy at times.

Detailed description

Head north along the A19 (better yet follow the Sustrans cyclepath from the park and ride), until you reach a rightturn. Follow the marked NCN 66 signs until you reach Shipton. Follow the road which goes to Haxby. Go through Haxby, and then head south to New Earswick. Take the cycle path which crosses to near the Nestle factory. Bypass the nasty right turn at the railway bridge, by going under the bridge on the cycleway. Then follow Burtonstone Lane to the A19. Cross over, and go via small residential streets to reach the riverside cyclepath, and turn right to reach the start.

Route Map

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