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The final part of the multiday backpacking trip, with the walk to Corrour Station and a train home


Boggy but easy tracks, and landrover tracks from Corrour Lodge to the station.

Detailed description

Walk along the obivous path until you reach the bridge near Corrour lodge. Cross the bridge and head towards the wood on a path which passes close the group of small houses. Pick up the gravel track and follow it to Corrour station, and get a train to somewhere!


I did this walk in the winter of 1987. Several things were different then: I was younger, very, very fit and well able to cope well with difficult conditions. On the downside I was fairly poorly equiped- goretex bivvi rather than tent, no lightweight cooking kit and not particularly good clothes, and lacking in experience of winter conditions. Winters were much colder then. There was plenty of snow on the ground, and most standing water was frozen.

The night had been very cold and my boots needed to be defrosted. Once I got by boots on and rucksack packed, it was easy walking down alongside the river. After the previous days wild conditions, seeing signs of human habitation in the distance felt welcome. The walk to the edge of the forest seems to take forever, as you can see it for a long time before you get there. The path around the lake was easy walking and soon I was at the station, with a long wait for a train (trains are fairly infrequent). At that time there was a station building to shelter in, which was a converted into a bunkhouse and is now closed. It's a remote spot, in fact it's the most remote station on the railway network in the UK, but after several days in the wilds it felt like civilisation. When the train showed up eventually, it was nice to be warm, and dry out some of the wet kit I had. Not sure the other passengers were too keen on the smell of my and my gear though. In a few hours, I was walking from Glasgow Queen street station to the other station and a train back down south.

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