Ben Lawers (walking) Route Details

Route Description

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The climb up ben lawers via beinn Ghlas.


Cloudy but warm.

Hazards and warnings

Both steep climbs, quite a lot of scrambling involved as well.

Detailed description

Start off from the ben lawers visior centre, and make your way up the path shared with the nature trail. You will see 2 mountains in front of you, and you are heading up the one to the right. This is Beinn Ghlas, and trust me it gets worse! after following the path to the foot of Beinn Ghlas you have choice to either go left or right. By heading right you get to climb Beinn Ghlas, whereas going left will take you directly to the base of Ben lawers. After heading right make your way up the steep path to the summit of Beinn Ghlas, and prepare for the moment the penny drops, yes you have to descend 100m before you can ascend the final 400m to conquor Ben Lawers. After descending along the ridge make your up the slopes on Ben Lawers to the summit. on the return route take the right hand fork at the base of Ben Lawers which guides you around, not up Beinn Ghlas. This route back is much more subdued and a welcome rest after the intensity of what you have already done.

Route Map

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