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A hilly walk long the river Wye. Not as hard as going directly through Chee Dale, but a lot of up and down.


Typical country footpaths across fields, muddy in winter.

Detailed description

Follow the easy going Monsal Trail towards Chee Dale. After crossing the viaduct over the river, turn right, an then follow the path up the hill to the top of Chee Dale. This is steep but easier than Chee Dale.

At the top of Chee Tor admire the views, and see the railway bridge just below you and the Monsal Trail. Carry on to Blackwell, and join the road briefly, before  then going back towards Chee Dale on  a farm track, where you pick up the Pennine Bridleway. You can go down, and across to the otherside, or stay on the Monsal Trail to avoid lossing height. Head down the Monsal trail away from Buxton before climbing up the branch on the left. Then head up the mightly long climb to Mosley Farm on the Pennine Bridleway. Pass the farm and head along the drive.

Turn off the drive, and head over fields to where the footpath dives down into Flag Dale, before climbing up to Hassop Farm. Join the road just briefly, before heading down the path signposted for Blackwell. Follow the path down into Chee Dale which follows a long slab of rock. At the bottom either cross the bridge, or follow the river until you reach the Monsal Trail. For additional interest follow the river side path instead.

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