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An interesting walk along the Monsal Trail, through the tunnel into Wye Dale, and back along the irver


East walking at first, but Chee Dale is hard work on very rough and slipperly surfaces, especially in wet conditions.

Hazards and warnings

The river section is slippery in the wet, and in times of high river levels may be impassable due to flooding. If the river is high, or there is the possibility of sudden heavy downpours don't attempt the riverside section.

Detailed description

Note: the Tunnel through Chee Dale is not fully open yet, but should be reopening very soon in May or June 2011. When finished the tunnel will be fully lit during daylight hours.

Walk along the Monsal trail from Millers Dale, until just after the 3rd tunnel, you can find a steep path dropping down to the river. If the path is too steep, try one of the other paths further towards Buxton.

Follow the riverside path back towards Miller's Dale (downstream). The path may be flooded in parts if the river is high. You pass a few sets of stepping stones before crossing a bridge. The path climbs, and you can return to the Monsal Trail here, if conditions are poor, as the next section can be difficult in winter, or when wet.

Otherwise, follow the path across the river on a bridge, and past more stepping stones (which can be flooded), and then down the steep sided dale, before after climbing up above the river, the valley widens again. Then simply follow follow the path back alongside the river, before climbing a step path back up to the Monsal Trail.

For a harder version of a similar route, which misses the tunnel see Chee Dale and Monsal Trail.

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