Chee Dale and Monsal Trail (Walking) Route Details

Route Description

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A tough walk through some challenging gorges, and some much easier waking on the Monsal Trail.


Muddy, and rocky in Chee Dale, the rest is much easier, bar the descent into Millers Dale which is fairly steep.

Hazards and warnings

Chee Dale may not be passable when water levels are high. Also, the path is muddy and involves fairly rocky sections.

Detailed description

Note: For an easier version of this route, see the Chee Dale via Tunnel route.


A wet and cold late October day, found us wanting a walk that was sheltered from the wind and cold, as we'd been on holiday in Tideswell for a while, and wanted to walk somewhere out of the wintry conditions.  A deep side narrow valley like Chee Dale offered shelter, but the conditions on the ground were very muddy, and the rain was just as wet as anywhere else.

See the trees alive with colour as the leaves were at their best, and the steeping stones on the last bit of the narrow part were the two highlights.

Route Map

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