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Cheddar gorge is the largest gorge in the United Kingdom. The gorge is also the home to Cheddar caves where Britains oldest complete human skeleton was found. This walk takes you along both sides of the gorge.


Steep rocky paths, muddy after rain. The climbs are surprisingly tough.

Hazards and warnings

Very muddy after rain. Very slippery rocks after rain. Cliff edges.

Detailed description

The gorge and its cliffs are truly spectacular with cliff rising over 350 ft from the road. This route starts at the top of the Gorge, climbing steeply onto the southern side of the Gorge before descending down into the outskirts of Cheddar. The return route is via the northern side of the gorge by another steep and longer climb through national trust property on permissive rights of way.

Feral goats are often seen on the southern side with ponies on the northern side.

The lower gorge where it meets the town of Cheddar is somewhere I prefer not to linger. Tourism has spoilt it in my opinion, tacky gift shops, fast food outlets, boy racers tearing up and down and motorcyclists screaming back and forth. I much prefer to visit Cheddar in winter, far more civilised when everything is closed. Only one thing causes me to linger and thats the Gorge Outdoors shop :-)

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