Rydale Paddle (kayaking) Route Details

Route Description

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An easy paddle down the river Derwent to Malton, suitable for experienced paddlers but may wish to take inexperienced people with them.


Most of the river is wide and slow flowing. The channel can be quiet narrow between fallen trees. The water speeds up in the last few hundred yards before the pontoon.

Hazards and warnings

Although the access at the start is open all the time, getting off the river is by a pontoon owned by the Malton Canoe Club. You will need to contact them to ensure the gate above the pontoon is unlocked. Although this is in the centre of Malton it is on the inside of the flood gates.

Detailed description

Launch from the small beach under the south side of the bridge, and follow the river down past the junction with the Derwent.

Then carry on under the A 64. As you pass into Old Malton the speed of the river increases.

Where the river splits head river right, and exit the river at the pontoon 100 yards after the split.

Route Map

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