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A classic loop in the Yorkshire Dales, features some big climbs and a glorious technical descent and outstanding views


Gravel tracks, and grassy singletrack, which dries out pretty well

Detailed description

Park near the village and head up to the start of Mastiles lane. Climb the big hill on tarmac at first before the track becomes gravel. Carry on until the track forks after the ford.

Take the right ford, and when you reach the junction by the road, turn sharply right and head uphill on a grassy track. Climb on the track, until you reach the summit.

The descent is steep at first, and has one or two rocky sections you need to take care on. After a while the gradient flattens and you can build up some speed. Carry on downhill until you reach the road by the caravan site.

At the road turn right, and then left to the otherside of the dale. Cross the stone bridge to Haweswick, and turn right at the junction and carry on along the small road. Descend towards the river. In summer, stopping to cool off in the river is a nice way to cool down. At the B6160 turn right and cross the bridge. You'll pass under the impressive cliffs of Kilnsey crag before you get the end.     

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