Macclesfield to Buxton (motorcycling) Route Details

Route Description

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A classic motorcycle ride over the top of the Peak District to Buxton. One of the best motorcycling road in the UK.


A road with many sweeping bends. Wind, rain and snow can be make conditions tough on the top section.

Hazards and warnings

As well as other traffic, diesel spills, and some very sharp bends, beware the 50 mph speed limit, and the long arm of the law enforcing it. This is offically one of the most dangerous roads in the UK.

Detailed description

Follow the A 537 from Macclesfield toward Buxton. As you climb out of the town, the speed limit goes from 30 to 50 mph. The speed limit is enforced by mobile speed traps, unmarked and marked cars and bikes, and sometimes even the police helicopter at times.  Enjoy the ride but remember this road is famous for being one of the most dangerous in the country.

Route Map

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