Central london to Loudwater (mountain biking) Route Details

Route Description

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A lovely ride along the Thames from central London to Loudwater. The route is varied and can be ridden fast.


Flat, surface varies from road in London to muddy towpath.

Hazards and warnings

Walkers, cars in central London, falling in the river, Maidenhead.

Detailed description

This routes takes a fairly direct route from Marylebone to the river, then straight along the river all the wat to Bourne End.

It then goes cross-country to Loudwater, where I was living at the time.



I've ridden sections of this at night in the winter and it was disturbingly good fun. Doing the London sections at night may prove rather too entertaining, but the sections outside the M25 would make superb night blasts.

I left my pie-eating partner for dust on the section from Windsor to Maidenhead.

Route Map

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