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Route Description

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This ride is for the views, which are amazing. It's also relatively unpopulated out here, you can go for miles without seeing anyone. Which is nice. If you're looking for a singletrack and wild descents this isn't the route for you, although there are a few nice sections descending grassy paths and a some singletrack gems.


We had a great day in the sun, which made a change for Summer 08. Do the route dry. It's grassy and could get boggy in places. The first set of uphills are the toughest because of the grass under wheel. The bigeest ascent in Radnor Forrest is actually very easy because it's on fire road.

Hazards and warnings

Apparently there's a load of Ordnance buried in the ground, which at the time of writing renders the first quarter of the route closed, but how likely are you to stumble upon a bomb if you stick to the path?

Detailed description

The ride has amzing view of steep remote valleys. Well worth doing.

First section to Radnor Forrest - Climbing up grassy paths.

Radnor Forrest section - up and down on fireroads, not very imaginitive on the descents, could find a better route here.


Return loop to new Radnor - Great views, lovely grasssy descents and some single track. Most fun section of route.


Bernice and I spent night before in the Red Lion. Great pub that does lovely roasts with locally sourced produce. Very friendly staff too. Also met some Irish men who were doing a ploughing competition locally.

We started at about 9:30 on Sunday. Got lost in the first section. The paths are a bit confusing because some are shut.

Eventually got onto the moor via a steady climb up quite tuff going grass. Views from up here are fantastic. A waste of gravity descent flung us down a road (after all that off-road uphill - grrrr).

Went past a lovely farm with some crazy horses and started our traverse to Radnor forrest. THere was a motorcross event happening there which was funto watch - would have quite like a motor too.

Exited the forrest onto the moor again. A fab grassy descent took you by the side of a valley to another climb then another really good grassy descent.

Quite tired by this point. We dropped into New Radnot via some hard to find single track. Met some friendly locals who said we would have to pop in for a cup of coffee next time we were passing by - you dont get that everywhere you go.

Would recommend the ride for the views.


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