Bike Off Road 1 Llan DC Area (motorcycling) Route Details

Route Description

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This is aimed at road LEGAL off road bikes, KTM, CRF, WRF etc. BMW type machine may find difficult in some areas if a novice. PLEASE RESPECT OTHER USERS. KEEP THE THROTTLE & NOISE DOWN. ABUSE WILL LEAD TO CLOSURE OF THE BYWAYS. Please check local authorities before hand, this route is purely for a guide only. I take NO responsibility for any Illegal activity.

Hazards and warnings

Can be tough in some area's, Do not travel alone, if you fall off, or break down its very remote in area,s. Towards the end of the route, in the region of grid ref SJ 209 404, Can be difficult, I have not done for a while, Very difficult in up direction.

Route Map

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