Llanddeusant, Wales (Hiking) Route Details

Route Description

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12 km hiking route with magnificent views


Generally good but at one point muddy path could be dangerous and should be avoided when wet

Hazards and warnings

In general it is terrain is not very difficult but there is one place which could be dangerous during the rain. It is visible on one of the photos. At the end there is small river and no bridge. There are many places where it is possible to cross it but it might be difficult in the rain

Detailed description

You can park your car at the start, there is an area for about 20-30 cars.

First part is slow climb to a beautiful lake, ideal for small brake. Next route follows the river and then diverts to south a bit where is one risky part. It is possible not to divert south and contiue east and join the route at later stage. There is a path marked on OS maps if you wish to do that.

Next the route climbs up the hill and goes back to starting point on the top of the mountains. When you approach car park you have to cross the river however i did not notice any bridge nearby. It was quite easy to cross it using stones but it could be more difficult during rain.

Route Map

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