Snowdon via Llanberis Path (mountain biking) Route Details

Route Description

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The classic route up Snowdona, via the Llanberis path and down by part of the Snowdon Ranger path, then the telegraph bridleway back to Llanberis.


A straight forward off road climb, apart from the frequent water bars, followed by a fairly technical offroad descent.

Hazards and warnings

Snowdon in a high mountain, with tricky weather, extreme winds and cold, and snow on the summit for much of the winter. You need to be equiped for the current conditions. the route passes huge drops and some care is needed. The route is not recommended in heavy snow. Also, beware of the crowds on the paths.

Detailed description

Restrictions apply to bike use of the paths to the summit  in summer. See the National Park website for full details. The restrictions mean the 'window' in which this route is practical is limited, as in winter snow and ice make the route unsuitable, and in summer you'll need to be at the start of the 'telegraph bridleway' by 10 AM, so an early start is required. The best time to ride the route is probably thus October or April, when there are no restrictions so is less likely. It's worth remembering conditions on a high mountain even at these times may be far more extreme than in Llanberis.

The effort of the long and boring climb to the summit is amply rewarded by miles of flowing singletrack descent across high mountains. Most of the Llanberis path is ridable, although the odd bit of pushing or carrying will be required up a few of the steeper sections, as the path tackles the steep climb to Clogwn Station. Expect to take 2 or more hours to reach the summit. Once at the Summit, the fun starts. Coming down the Snowdon Ranger path is technical, and varies from fast and fun, to slow technical bits as you clear rocky sections.

It is recommended you resist the tempation to cycle down the Llanberis path, as the hordes of walkers, dogs and small children coming up the path will slow you down. Even early in the morning there will be plenty of people coming up the path. Accidents and near misses between walkers and bikes have occured. The Snowdon Ranger path is far less busy so you'll be able to concentrate on the riding not dodging walkers.

Route Map

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