Blakey Topping (walking) Route Details

Route Description

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A short walk taking in the less visited valley to the east of the much more popular Hole of Horcum


Rough open access areas, and some better made forestty tracks.

Detailed description

Follow the concrete path towards Newgate Foot. Pass down through the farm, and up a rough track to a gate, after the gate climb the obvious summit using the rough path, before returning back down to the gate, where you can pick up a rough path along the edge of the wood.

Carry on along forestty tracks until a path leads off to the right, passing a stone cross before climbing the edge of the hill. Follow the path along rough grass, until you reach a wood. Turn left along the wood (can be muddy here) and head towards a better track. Turn right to return to the main road and the start.


A walk on a rare snowy day in the Moors.

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