Blakey Topping and Skelton Tower (walking) Route Details

Route Description

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A long walk over rough ground taking in some of the more obscure bits around the popular area of the Hole of Horcum


Some of the parts are rough and pathless, and other areas are pretty boggy.

Detailed description

Follow the concrete path towards Newgate Foot. Pass down through the farm, and up a rough track to a gate, after the gate climb the obvious summit using the rough path, before returning back down to the gate, where you can pick up a rough path along the edge of the wood.

Pass through the wood, and onto a gravel forestry track, until you turn left towards the stone cross at the edge of the forest. Take the grassy track up the side of the hill, until you reach the top of Blakey Topping. Follow the path to the edge of a small wood, and then take the muddy path down into the wood, before briefly heading up the A 169, before taking the path on the left, which leads across rough ground around the base of the hill. Follow this rough and boggy path along the flattish area between the two steep slopes. You'll see a path veer away from the main path and go right towards the ruined folly. After reaching the folly, head back towards the hill, and up to the top.

Head for the strong path which goes back to the Hole of Horcum, by turning left by the ponds. The views on the last section before the main road, down into the Hole of Horcum are spectacular in any season.


A snowy walk in January 2003

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