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A long, mostly offroad route around west yorkshire and the low rolling hills between Leeds and York


A short section on the A64, but otherwise quiet streets and bridleways - nothing technical

Detailed description

Take various cycletrack out to Temple Newsham, which keeps you offroad aside from negotiating the tricky inner ring road in Leeds, which is pretty scary on a bike. After passing a fairly rundown area on the margin of the city centre, you can pickup a cycletrack that takes you out to Temple Newsham.

Previousy I had ridden a pleasant bit of offroad to take us around Colton, to Austhorp, but we decided to try a different way via Manston to pick various bridleways that took us first across the golf course, then on an old railway, with an interesting tunnel to Aberford. From there a lovely nice easy bridleway along Becca lane took us to the A64, and brief but busy section of the A64, which lead us to more bridleways, some of which were lovely riding, and some of which were horribly muddy. A short road section then took us to the old A1 just south of Weatherby. After fish and chips from the Weatherby Whaler and a pleasant stop by the river, we struggled to find the connection to the cycle track running along the old railway to Thorp Arch. From there, minor roads to Wighill got us to some more bridleway (not quite sure about the legal aspects of the farm road we used to connect to the bridleway to Bilton), and a welcome stop at the pub in Bilton.

From there, we managed to combine the limited bridleways and quiet roads to reach Bilborough, and from there, we our cycling mojo left us and we took the easy option of the cycleway along the A64 which lead us to York station.


A part of our build up to a planned ride on the Leeds and Liverpool canal we decided to take a hard ride from Leeds to Liverpool, trying to get as much offroad in as possible.

Once outside Leeds, we got some nice offroad riding in to Weatherby. At various times we started to tire of hills and mud, but fish and chips restored our strength. Beyond Weatherby the supply of bridleway is more limited, but we manage to find enough, but by Billborough, we got bored and hit the cycle trck that runs along side the A64 to take us into York.

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