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Its not often you have Catbells to yourself, even less likely is to have perfect winter conditions, deep snow, blue skies, warm sun and Catbells to yourself.


Perfect winter conditions in the Lake District

Detailed description

This walk starts from the quieter side of Catbells in the Newlands Valley. A short section across well marked paths on farmland leads you to a steep climb up the flank of Catbells onto its ridge. From there its simply a matter of turning right and continuing up a few rocky steps on to the summit.

The easiset option from here is to continue over the summit and down to the col ahead of Maiden Moor and turn right to drop back down to Littletown.

We had intended to continue on to High Spy before dropping back into the valley but up on Maiden Moor the snow was just too deep for the dogs and decided to turn back.

However in good conditions the walk can easily be extended on to High Spy, Dale Head and Hindscarth if required. Returning to the start by way of Scope End.

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