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A pleasant, scenic journey from Glasgow to Tarbert. An easy route to follow passing by lochs and through glens and picturesque villages/towns


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Morning spent sight-seeing around Glasgow viewing the beautiful architecture, then a visit to the Lighthouse Gallery and the MacKintosh Tower.  (Various exhibitions throughout the year with a very interesting insight into Glasgow's own Rennie MacKintosh)  Viewing gallery on the top floor gives wonderful views over the rooftops of the city and the climb up the spiral staircase in the Mackintosh Tower is a 'must-do'.

Then the start of the adventure to Islay journeying out of Glasgow following the road along Loch Lomond and around to Inveraray passing through the hills and glens.  Onward to Lochgilphead, skirting around the edge of Loch Long and Loch Fyne finally reaching our destination of Tarbert by early evening.    Plenty of water with waterfalls in abundance and snow capped hills.



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