Elefantentreffen Part 1 (motorcycling) Route Details

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2 men, a guzzi with sidecar go out looking for an elephant in Germany.


Good weather to ride today

Detailed description

For more details about the rally and it's history, see a wikipedia article (in German) here:



We started the day knowing we had 800 miles and many miles of motorways, autoroutes and autobahns ahead of us before our final destination.

At first things went fine, but our mechanical problems started with a loss of power somewhere between Ashford and Dover, which reduced our speed to 40 mph, and made us worry about missing our crossing. The mechanical problems countinued through the rest of the day's ride. As well as mechanical problems, we had software problems to. We managed to get lost in Liege when the satnav locked up and refused to give us directions.

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