Beinne Eighe (Walking) Route Details

Route Description

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A short but intense walk to bag two Munros in Torridon, with some amazing views towards Liathach


A faint path up, a ridge walk, and descent over pathless ground.

Hazards and warnings

Remote, and sometimes pathless mountain ridges and tops

Detailed description

Ascent via the path next to the stream and the sheep fold. Climb up into the coire, and then after the path steepens you'll arrive at a ridge which can be followed to the trig point, and shortly afterwards, the main summit.

After enjoying the fantastic views west to Liathach, follow the sharp and airey ridge to Sgurr Ban, and then after descending and climb again, Sgurr nan Fhir Duibhe. Descend via the rocky southern slopes, which can be quite hard going with a loose rocky surface. Eventually you will come to the fence line, when you can follow south west until you reach the A 896 near the start.


I did this route some years ago, and can't find any decent photos. If anybody has a decent photo of the mountain they'd like to share, please contact me, and I'll put it on the route.

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