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12mile route through Killin up into Acharn woods and back


mostly well made tracks - old railway line, forest tracks etc

Hazards and warnings

The route from the site to the village is along the main road so care is needed especially on sundays when it is busy with daytrippers

Detailed description

Please note:- the route shown is the route we took but there is NO right of way from the power station to the railway! thankfully a kind gentleman let us through his garden or we would have had a very early detour.

From the site turn right and follow the road through the village, cross the bridge at the falls then look out for the track entrance a short way up between the cottages on the left.

the first part of the track follows the old railway line - look out for the information boards created by the local school who has adopted this part of the track.

at a crossroads turn left uphill and follow the cycle trail signs to where you can go on through glen ogle or turn left to skirt the the hill. the decent is by the side of Achern burn and has quite a magical feel to it.

once you reach the road turn left back towards killin to return to the campsite.

Route Map

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