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The easy way up one of the three peaks


Steep and rocky path

Hazards and warnings

In winter this becomes quite tricky

Detailed description

Follow the obvious track to the summit, crossing several walls on the way up. The proper route in from Horton in Ribblesdale, and driving to 400 metres is cheating, but if you are stuck for time and still fancy a decent sized hill, this is a good option



We did the walk on a snowy day. The Dales were coated in snow, and many of the roads were pretty hard to get up. As time was limited in the winter, we opted to cheat and do Pen y Ghent from a road high up the hill. At first walking on the snow was great, but as we approached the summit, the steep path had me wishing I'd brought an ice axe.

By the time we got to the summit the cloud had come down, and the wind was gaining strenght, so we didn't linger long, before heading back down the same way.

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